Satisfied customers, in many sectors

Pinzler lux is proud to include amongst its customers many big brands.

We have won the confidence of these big brands because we meet the requirements and imperatives of our customers with precision and with all our consideration.

Pharmaceutical industry

We have a strong presence in the Pharmaceutical industry; we respect every day the GDP (Good Distribution Practices). Our trained and experienced staff uses defined working procedures. We mobilise material resources in order to ensure traceability of transported goods. The innovative on board system enables non-stop communication with our drivers.

For more security, we use special equipment on top of latest technology for our trailers such as Automatic Electronic Locking of the doors with remote control via telematics. Sensors for the opening and closing of the doors. Sensors for coupling and uncoupling the trailer. And of course, anti-theft alarm systems.

 For your pharmaceuticals products, take the good choice, select a reliable partner.

Frozen products

Cooked dishes, bread, pastry products, or frozen pizza: if these customers give us their complete confidence for the transport of the frozen goods, that is because of our human and material resources guarantee reactivity, tracking and we focus on continuous performance with the respect of HACCP principles.

The temperature recorders provide a precise and effective traceability. We observe and control the follow-up and the monitoring. The remote alerts and the remote surveillance ensure the respect during the transport of the required temperature for the frozen products.

Fruits and vegetables, dairy products, chocolate

If these customers give us their complete confidence for the transport of the food products, that is because we focus on the respect of HACCP principles.

Our international network gives our clients the possibility of sending and receiving their food products within precise deadlines. Time-sensitive products such as food products are particularly vulnerable to any delays that is why the staff demonstrates a commitment to abide by the deadlines.

Our drivers are trained for the stowing of goods, provide enhanced services and respect your products. The follow-up of the controlled temperatures allows us to provide a perfect shipment without problems or obstacles.

CD, DVD, High Tech manufactures

When you select Pinzler Lux for your high value products, you choose the company you can trust for delivering excellence and commitment. We check in real time the localisation of each truck. With our system on board, it is very easy to communicate with the drivers. Well-trained, they can act immediately in case of problems and they inform us in order to take action.

Our advantage? If you desire, we have the possibility to provide an exceptional transport assistance: an escort from the loading to the delivery place. In this way, we give you peace of mind and we transport your high value products on the road safely. We are totally getting involved for our customers.

Fast food restaurants, mass-market retailing

Pinzler Lux guarantees the security of the transported and stored food products for the customers in the sector of fast food restaurants or mass-market retailing. Our drivers follow sanitary measures, security and control in order to transport safely combinating the deadlines and timeliness of service.

The monitoring of the temperature is carefully realised by several systems on board. For a delivery in adequation with your daily requirements, choose transport professionals with undeniable know-how

General goods

Pinzler Lux ensures the delivery of general goods packed on pallets without temperatures constraints.

Thanks to our large fleet and the positions of our trucks everywhere we can propose a delivery of many consignments in several places. Togheter we work : your emergencies are our priority !

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