With deep emotion and heavy hearts, Pinzler Lux SA announces the passing of its co-founder, Mr. Libertino RUSSELLO, better known as ‘BERTI.’

BERTI passed away on October 20, 2023, at the age of 67 after a courageous battle against illness.

He had been a truck driver since October 1, 1988.

In 2003, alongside his son Frédéric, they embarked on the journey of starting Pinzler Lux SA with just one vehicle.

Today, Pinzler Lux SA boasts a hundred employees, around sixty vehicles, and an annual turnover of approximately 17 million Euros.

He steered the ship as the Operations Manager from 2003 to 2023, with unwavering commitment and passion.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, BERTI was a man of passions.

A former football player and an unwavering sports enthusiast, he frequently indulged in activities such as running, cycling, and alpine skiing (which he started after turning 50).

He was a respected and beloved man who always looked forward.

His legacy is infused with the values he embodied: hard work, perseverance, dedication, deep involvement, and a sense of humor that brightened our days.

His spirit will forever be etched in our company’s heart.

We are committed to preserving his memory and honoring him every day through our work and dedication.

The values he instilled in us will continue to guide Pinzler Lux SA in the years to come.

May he rest in peace!

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